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Ferguson's Automotive Restyling is conveniently located  in Jonesborough, TN and is owned and operated  by 30 year master upholsterer Charles Ferguson. We service the general public and also have a working relationship with most car dealers in the Tri-cities and surrounding areas of NE Tennessee. Most vehicles have a 48 hour turn around time.

Some local dealerships use restyling shops ranging from 60 to 100 miles away.
This means your vehicle could be driven between 120 to 200 miles round trip to have a leather interior installed and the same if you ever need warranty work on the interior.
Insist your dealer use Ferguson's Automotive Restyling to get the following benefits:

  • Work performed by a master upholsterer with 30 years of experience
  • Keep excessive mileage off your new purchase
  • Minimize the chances of a transport mishap
  • Helping to support your local businesses
  • Save time now and in the future

If you would prefer a leather interior in your new or used vehicle when  purchased from a foreign or domestic dealership all you need to do  is tell the dealer you would like a leather interior option and insist  it be installed by Ferguson's Automotive Restyling.
We'll work with the  dealership to get you a perfect factory color match or a custom one of a kind design. The cost will be added to your car's purchase price and included in your car payment like any other  option you have installed on your vehicle.




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